Tito bunkeris Bosnijoje
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Between 1953 and 1979 the Yugoslav army built a top secret military shelter, ARK, in the small unassuming town of Konjic, Bosnia. Worth 4.5 billion USD, the shelter occupies a space of 6500m2 and consists of 12 connected blocks linked together within a complex labyrinth, complete with residential areas, conference rooms, offices and strategic planning rooms. The construction and existence of the bunker--built to function as the main centre for military operations and as a shelter for President Josip Broz Tito, his family and his closest associates in case of a nuclear war--was top secret until the 1990s, when ARK was finally revealed. Located at a depth of 280 meters underground, the shelter has been fully preserved: signs of the former social, economic, political and ideological system remain evident and all the internal systems, such as life support, the electric power plant and water supply remain fully functional.

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