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 Eric Establie, 46 , who was missing in the sump 
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Užsiregistravo: 2005 09 06, Ant 18:46
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Standartinė Eric Establie, 46 , who was missing in the sump
Dear All,
As you may know, Eric Establie, 46 , who was missing in the sump of the
Dragonnaière de Gaud (Ardèche - France) since the 3rd of October, has
been found without life on the 11th of October at 900m from the sump
entrance at -70m, after 8 days of an unprecedented cave rescue that have
included cave-diving rescue experts from numerous European countries.
The official reports links of the SSF (French Cave Rescue -
Spéléo-Secours Francais) can be found at the end of this post.
It's with a great sadness that we reproduce here :
the English translation and the French original of the message written
on the 13th of October by his son, Arthur, 14, and his wife Evelyne. At
the end of the post you will find the English and the French version of
the message written by the president of the French Federation of
Speleology (FFS).
An homage will be paid to Eric at the end of the month in Casola during
the IInd EuroSpeleo Image'In Festival.

Condoleances messages can be written on the FSE commemoration page :
They will be transmitted to the family. On this page you find
For information, Arthur has also opened an official page on :

On behalf of the FSE Bureau and the FSE members, we send our deepest
sympathy to Evelyne, Arthur and their relatives, and our heartfelt
thanks to all the European cavers that have helped on the field and from
For the Bureau FSE, Olivier Vidal - Secr. General FSE

----- Original Message -----
*From:* Olivier Vidal <>
*To:* <>
*Sent:* Thursday, October 07, 2010 12:42 AM
*Subject:* [deleg] Accident in Dragonnière de Gaud (Ardeche-France)

To All FSE Delegates/Federations in Europe
Dear All,
As you might know, there a huge European Cave Diving Rescue in
Ardeche-France since Sunday operated by the SSF (Cave Rescue
Commission of the FFS).
Unfortunatly it's a real rescue. A very experienced French cave
divier called "Eric" who was exploring a very technical cave sump in
He's not come back after his entrance in the sump on Sunday morning.
We all hope that Eric is still alive beyond the sump. He lives near
Nice and has a wife and children.
The SSF cave divers have been in the sump to a certain point and
didn't find him, so now the best European cave divers experts are
progressively there to help from England, Switzerland, Italy and
I received here under a message from the SSF to Warmly Thank all the
helps, proposals of help and encouraging messages that have come
from various National Speleological Organisations in Europe. The SSF
is very thankful for everything, and is doing its best with the
French SSF rescuers and the help of the European expert cave-divers
on the field.
You can find information about the rescue on SSF website (udated
twice a day) :

2010 10 14, Ket 9:41
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Užsiregistravo: 2005 09 06, Ant 18:46
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Standartinė Re: Eric Establie, 46 , who was missing in the sump ... &Itemid=83

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2010 10 18, Pir 16:52
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