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 Artur Kozlowski 
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Užsiregistravo: 2005 09 06, Ant 21:49
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Miestas: Vilnius
Standartinė Artur Kozlowski
Žuvo garsus lenkas - Artur Kozlowski, keivdaiveris, gyvenes Airijoje ir tirinėjęs šios šalies urvus: ... ml?start=1

Gili užuojauta artimiesiems ir bendraminčiams. Pasaulis neteko dar vienos skaisčios žvaigždės...

2011 09 07, Tre 12:59
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Užsiregistravo: 2005 09 06, Ant 21:49
Pranešimai: 956
Miestas: Vilnius
Standartinė Re: Artur Kozlowski
Styvo informacija:

"Yes it is terrible news - a big shock for a small caving community in Ireland, as you can imagine. I wasn't at the rescue scene myself - the search dives on Monday and Tuesday were done by Irish cave divers who knew the cave.

Artur went diving in a cave called Pollonora on Monday, and left a call out for 9:30 p.m. that evening. ICRO were alerted very soon after. Jim Warny (Belgian cave diver living in Ireland, Artur's dive buddy on previous dives) entered the cave at 11 p.m. and searched for 2 hours up to a depth of 48m, with no luck. He didn't reach the end of Artur's dive line, but found Artur's staged decompression bottles untouched.

We hoped he was waiting in a dry section. Another 2 rescue divers entered yesterday afternoon to search to 350m distance into the cave, and leave more stage bottles for a later search. They found nothing.

Later yesterday afternoon, Jim entered the cave again to search to the end, and found Artur's body at 52m depth, at 6.45 p.m. It's not clear what caused the problem, but we should know more in the next few days or weeks. Some UK cave divers are coming over to Ireland to help with the recovery operation today.

It's a great shame as Artur was well known to all of us. He has lived in Ireland for 5 years, and this is where he started cave diving and where he has made most of his discoveries - many of which have international significance.

That's all I know at the moment, will keep you updated as I hear more.

It's so close after your own sad news about Aidas Žitinevičius!

There are online accounts about Artur's and Jim's exploration in Pollonora: ... Hole_no_10

Safe caving,

2011 09 08, Ket 8:35
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